Tahoe Tuesday

Hey everybody!!!
 photo TahoeTuesday1112-1_zpseff2e2ce.jpg
Yes, I got in here by myself!

Yesterday I became OBSESSED with my awesome new toy. I can't stop playing with it. If you don't have one yet you should totally get one, you'll never be bored again!

 photo TahoeTuesday1112-3_zps456c0265.jpg
The reason I got this new toy is because I had to get my rabies and booster shot yesterday! I was tough and didn't complain. The vet thinks I'm so cute that she called in some of her friends to see me.

As much as I love my new toy I still like to make everyday items my toys. Yesterday I enjoyed jumping in and out of Michelle's jeans that she left on the floor.
 photo TahoeTuesday1112-4_zps98154b0b.jpg

As usual, I like to play hard and sleep hard.

 photo TahoeTuesday1112-2_zps16d6b5e0.jpg

I'm off to spin the ball around my circle some more. See you next week!
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