If I Had a Bajillion Dollars I'd Live in Carmel

Hello and happy Wednesday! Do you ever ponder what you'd spend your money on if you had a big bank roll? For me, if I had a ton of money I'd probably want to buy a house in Carmel California and go surfing on the beach everyday.

 photo Carmel-2_zps051562bd.jpg
 photo Carmel-1_zps62ce0718.jpg
There are homes in Carmel with this very view!
Obviously Carmel is awesome because it's right on a big beach but, another great thing about Carmel is the rows of cute/beautiful homes and shops!

 photo Carmel-4_zps5532ecfb.jpg
 photo Carmel-6_zps299e08d1.jpg

Even though I may not live in this super cute neighborhood I can still visit and will continue to do so as much as I can!

 photo Carmel-3_zps805fa529.jpg
 photo Carmel-5_zpsad706283.jpg
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