Tahoe Tuesday!

Hi Everyone! How's your Tuesday?
 photo TahoeTuesday115-2_zps4018821c.jpg
I got to meet a new person this week and we're already great friends! Michelle's brother Michael is visiting and he's sleeping on our front couch. It's fun to have another person to climb on and play with.

Because Michael is here Michelle and Matt have been out showing him all over the place so, I had to spend my first night by myself this week. I was so glad when everyone came back home because I'm the kind of cat that loves an audience while I'm showing off.

Anyway, I discovered that I can jump on the kitchen counter this week! I also discovered how fun it is to play with the water coming out of the faucet!

Besides water I've been playing in my box a lot this week! I love to jump in and out over and over again.
 photo TahoeTuesday115-4_zps316af8dd.jpg
After jumping in and out of my box and getting my photo taken a lot I start to get really sleepy and need to take a nap.
 photo TahoeTuesday115-3_zps3deb8123.jpg
This is me taking a nice nap on Michelle on halloween. She was dressed as a hippie so she could get Chipotle for dinner!
 photo TahoeTuesday115-1_zps08b53749.jpg

See you all next week!
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