Weekend Haps

We took our Airstream for a spin this weekend! We went to a giant park Sunday afternoon about 10 miles from our house just to see how the Airstream rides and if everything was secure. Thankfully everything held together beautifully!
I painted that endcap silver this weekend too! Matt installed some flooring!
me hugging the Airstream!
 Want to know what we did on our Airstream outing? We watched an episode of Gold Rush while eating chips and queso! We heated the queso in our microwave and watched the show on our tv all while running off of battery power. It was awesome. After that, we drank a cold Dr. Pepper out of our working fridge! So exciting! Then, I took a nap on our newly made by me couch cushions which was lovely.
At the park, there's the Airstream down below

Before leaving we played a little frisbee. We made it out and back just fine thanks to Matt's fantastic driving skills. I can't wait to go camping for real in about 3 weeks!
napping in the Airstream, the good life

Sunday night we wrapped up our weekend with a fire in our fireplace which was fantastic.

I hope you had a great weekend and have a great week!
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