Trader Joe's Poster Child

Y'all I am such a huge Trader Joe's fan now that we have two locations in our community! I may not ever be able to live in a place without a Trader Joe's again.

This week I found 3 absolutely fantastic items that I want everyone to know about so they can enjoy them too. First and foremost, the pumpkin ice cream. It tastes like pie and is amazing!!!!

Next, pumpkin ale, so good. It has a hint of pumpkin and is delightful.

Side note, since when has pumpkin been so popular? I know there's always been pumpkin pie around this time of year but has there always been pumpkin flavored everything? Did all the hype around pumpkin start with the Pumpkin Spice latte?

Lastly, Bambino Pizza. These little mini pizzas were fast to make and taste amazing.

I could go on but those are my favorite items from this week!

Do you love TJ's too???
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