A Story of Two Fails

So far this week I've experienced a bizarre Craigslist exchange and a disappointing meal at Taco Bell. Here's my story of two fails.

Fail number one- I've been seeing those Cantina Bowl commercials for Taco Bell lately. Chef Lorena Garcia said there were huge chunks of avocado in the guacamole. That's why I went to Taco Bell for lunch yesterday to get a Cantina Bowl because she made such a big deal out of the avocado! When I got my bowl, there was no avocado to be seen. I'd been had! I trusted the Taco Bell commercials. Instead of guacamole with huge chunks of avocado there was a green salad dressing type substance that looked like there was maybe a tablespoon of avocado shaken up with some vinaigrette dressing.

The chicken on the cantina bowl was scarce to say the least. There were exactly 3 tiny pieces on the bowl, that's it.

So whatever Taco Bell, I will only eat off your classic menu and not trust the commercials or menu pictures for your cantina bowl ever again. 

Fail number two- I posted a sewing machine on Craigslist for $20. Its a Singer, it works, it's just old. I always post prices higher than what I'm willing to take because people always haggle on Craigslist and I'd be happy to get any amount on the sewing machine between $10 and $20.

I got an email from a lady who wanted to meet me in a study room at the library by my house so she could plug it in. I thought that would be ok but, I'm sooo never doing that again!

She not only wanted to plug it in but test it out. She brought thread and several different fabric swatches. She was really nice and started telling me about her 7 children and how she has spent the last 20 years homeschooling them. The whole time I'm thinking, hooooow did I get myself in this library with this nice woman telling me about herself. All I want to do is sell this sewing machine and get out of here!

Well, 20 minutes later after she tried out her blue jean swatch of fabric in the machine she informed me that she was not interested in the machine after all. She was going to look at another macine later. I was like, for real?? You just took all that time when Craigslist transactions typically take about 1 minute in a parking lot and you don't want it!? I tried to convince her to buy it for $10 but she was not going to take it.

I've learned my lesson, don't meet people at the library to try out your sewing machine, it will only be a 20 minute strange situation where you have to walk back out of the library with your sewing machine and people will look at you like you are weird for carrying it around.

Happy Wednesday to you!

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