I Love Pocket Tees

Who doesn't love a pocket tee? Well last night I tried to whip myself up a pocket tee. First, I cut the TCU logo off an old polo that I love but that doesn't fit anymore.

I measured a pocket on another t-shirt and it measured 4.5x5 inches so I made mine the same size, folded over the edges, and sewed them down. 

Then I pinned my pocket to a t-shirt and tried it on to see how it would look. I realized that you really need to use a loose t-shirt for it to look good, the tighter shirt looked weird with a pocket on me.
Then I sewed my pocket onto my loose t-shirt. It's harder to sew a pocket onto a t-shirt than I thought. I ended up having to cut off a little more of my pocket than I had planned but here is what I got!

Also check out our shelves in the Airstream!! They are looking sooooo good.

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