Pictures From My Trip To Texas!

I went home to Texas over the weekend and drove back to Kansas City yesterday. It was a fun/great weekend hanging out with my family!

My parents backyard is a beautiful jungle
We went to Canton, if you don't know what that is it's a giant outdoor garage sale and craft fair that happens once a month every month. You can buy all kinds of unique stuff! Here were some of my fav finds-
Cajun eggroll!! It's stuffed with rice, crawfish and shrimp, so good!

Haha bobcat tails for sale
 We also celebrated my grandmother's birthday! Her birthday is tomorrow!

Mom and I did a few fun craft projects this weekend, we made this cute lunch bag out of some oil cloth we bought at Canton!

Going home also means eating at all my favorite places! I ate to my heart's content, sorry no food pics, I ate it all before photographing.

Going home also means I get to see Bella and Francis! They are just so cute and hilarious.

Look at that face! So cute.
Francis was drinking out of my cup, she always does this

Bella Sleeping
Francis Sleeping

Gabby in the Back yard
The drive to and from Texas was nice, gotta love the things you encounter on the road-

Sign on the bathroom door at a gas station in Oklahoma
Yay for a weekend at home and go Texas! (the state, not the school:) )

P.S. Look what Matt did this weekend on the Airstream!!! Shelves and end caps, he is awesome!!

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