Window Garden

While my garden is starting to grow outside, I have some awesome plants growing and flourishing in my kitchen window sill!

Sweet Potato

Basil, Green Onions, and Sweet Potato
I'm working on getting this sweet potato to sprout so I can plant the root slips in the garden! I googled how to grow sweet potatoes and I learned that all you have to do is take a sweet potato that you buy at the grocery store and put it half way in a cup of water. After a few weeks is will make root slips. When those grow a few inches tall then you break them off and stick them in the ground and magically sweet potatoes will grow!

I also have a basil plant that our nice neighbor brought over and green onion! If you haven't tried putting the root ends of your green onion that you may normally throw away in a cup of water yet, try it! You will get onions twice for the price of one.

Lastly, I made this fantastic Parmesan chicken with greek yogurt for dinner. It is delish and made the house smell so good. Def a good recipe to try! Also, some roasted asparagus.

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