Friday's Letters

Dear Garden, I'm having so much fun planting new things in you, taking care of you, and getting to eat the basil, cilantro, lettuce, kale, and spinach you are growing!

Dear Airstream, I was really worried last night that the piece of new flooring we got for you wasn't going to fit but, it worked out and I'm so happy you are getting a new floor!

Dear Husband, I'm always amazed that we are able to conquer all of our projects without frustration and fighting. Thanks for being so calm, smart, and kind, you're really the best!

Dear Costco, I'm so excited to come visit you and stock up of your giant bag of chocolate chips and whatever else I find in your aisles this weekend.

Dear Diptic, you are an awesome app, I will probably be using you all the time now that I've discovered you (it is the app that created the above photo collages)!

Happy Friday, have a fantastic weekend!

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