How to Grow Your Own Sweet Potatoes

Hello! This weekend we did alot of Airstream renovating which you can read about here and lots of gardening! Now that we have our own house, the projects are never ending and there is never a dull moment! I sleep like a log at night on days like this weekend because we work for hours and hours. This type of work is so satisfying to me. The first few months of owning our home were chaos because there was so much to do. Now, we have several rooms done and it is much more enjoyable to continue working hard on our house but not have the whole thing a crazy mess!

So, my favorite thing I planted this weekend were the sweet potato slips I've been growing in the kitchen window for about a month and a half. Here is what the original sweet potato with slips all over looks like-

Roots and Slips growing off the original sweet potato
To grow sweet potato slips, you need to half-way immerse a clean sweet potato in water (this one was in my pantry, it just came from the grocery store). The place you set your sweet potato needs to be warm. After about 2 weeks you will start to see roots growing. After about a month you will finally see slips start to grow. Let the slips grow a good 3-4 inches. When they are big enough, just break the slip off the sweet potato at it's base. The slip will have a few roots growing. Immediately plant up to the first set of leaves and water! Now nature will take it's course and in a few months I hope to have some sweet potatoes!

One of the slips planted in the garden

This weekend I also planted yellow, green, and red bell pepper seedings. The bell pepper seeds I planted never came up. I also planted a mint seedling. The mint seeds I planted also never came up. FYI, Home Depot is having half off their Bonnie Herbs and Veggies this week in honor of Earth Day! (That's where I got my seedlings).

We also mowed, I weeded the veggie garden, planted two rose bushes and some flower seeds. Gardening in my own yard is so fun! There is always something I can do to make it better like weeding, watering, fertilizing, but the amazing thing to me is, things actually grow without a lot of help from me. The seeds or plants get put in the dirt and they just know what to do. Crazy how nature works!

Happy Monday, hop over to our Airstream blog later if you get the chance!
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