The Best Kale Salad Ever

There is a local restaurant called Unforked here that has a Kale salad that actually makes me want to eat Kale.

The whole reason I grew Kale in my garden is because I wanted to be able to make this salad.

If you didn't know, Kale is a super food! It is crazy healthy for you.

I made one serving of this delish Kale salad for part of my dinner because I am able to pick as much a I want to eat straight from the garden and then do it again tomorrow. So, here is the way I made it but it only makes one serving size:)

Bowl full of Kale- Wash and dry, then tear it up into little bits about 1x1 inch roughly
1 tsp lemon juice
1 tsp olive oil
dash of salt
a pinch or more of Parmesan Cheese (put how ever much you prefer in)
toss your ingredients together and booyah, you have yourself a really yummy salad!
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