Plantable Wedding Favors

Last year when I was wedding planning (Mr. and I got married in September of 2010) I wanted to give my guests a wedding favor that was unique and something somewhat useful. I looked and looked at all of the options out there and really liked plant-able seed paper.

I am a DIY kind of girl and searched for a way to make seed paper myself.

My mom and I made all of the seed paper hearts that we used as wedding favors at our wedding by collecting a lot of news paper, blending the newspaper in a blender with water to make a paper pulp and pressing the pulp onto a screen. Then we sprinkled the wet paper with wildflower seeds and let it dry in the sun. Then we cut the dried seed paper into hearts, added a ribbon, and a note that said "Love Grows Plant this Heart and Watch Wildflowers Grow!" Then we put the date of our wedding on there too.

Guests could then plant the heart and wildflowers would grow!

It was a very affordable and fun favor in my opinion! Also, seed paper is very easy to make as long as you don't mind getting a little dirty and have the time to do it!
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