Places I Love To Shop

I consider myself very thrifty.

I tend to only buy things that-
1.) I like a lot
2.) Get a great deal on!

(sometimes I do splurge though!)

I know that thrifting at Goodwill and other thrift stores are the rage right now but I haven't had much luck with thrifting. I feel like I still find outstanding deals for stuff at non-thrift stores.

Stores that I feel good about shopping at and usually find great deals include-

Francesca's - I always seem to find something super cute on the sale rack for $10-$20. Their clothes are not super expensive to begin with either which is awesome.

J Crew- The sale rack is often really amazing! J Crew clothes are so cute and I would wear only J Crew if I was rich :) I've been known to find jeans or corduroy pants on the sale rack for $10!

Nordstrom Rack- Great deals on shoes and clothes! You never know what you will find in this store, sometimes it is awesome, sometimes not. Some trips you will find tons of great things that fit great and have a great price tag. This is one of those stores that sometimes when you check out, things are even cheaper than they are marked on the tag which is a bonus surprise. There are plenty of items in this store that are still expensive but if you dig a little deeper you will find the deals.

For the Home-

Habitat Restore- This store is my favorite! Again, you never know what you will find when you shop here. Some days you will hit the jackpot and find tons of great things and other days the store is really picked over and there is nothing you want. Recently, we found two really cute barn lights for $5 each. You will find great prices at the Restore and the money you spend goes toward Habitat for Humanity! Some things you can find here are- light fixtures, tools, wood flooring, tile, slabs of granite (costing in the $14-$25 range), all kinds of building materials, paint, sinks, toilets, and furniture.

World Market- cute home decor, cards, some clothes, some fun food finds. I'm often surprised at some of the cheap prices in this store.

Pier One- Cute Cute stuff. I love to browse Pier One and wait for a good sale before I buy!

Trader Joe's- I always talk about how much I love Trader Joe's but, I never leave that store disappointed! There are great healthy choices for less than you'd expect.

Walmart- Almost everything comes in the "Great Value" brand and I almost always choose it since it is significantly cheaper! Woohoo!

Deal shopping is really exciting to me but, what about you? Hunting for deals requires some extra work. Is the extra work (digging through sale racks, waiting for stuff to go on sale, searching out a cheaper option) worth it to you?
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