How to Avoid Getting Sick!

I read a good article here about how to not get sick this winter. I always dread when a sick person walks near me and think, oh great, now I'm going to get what they have!

The last time I got a nasty cold was about 2 years ago (I didn't get sick at all last winter which was amazing!). I was in a Yoga class in NYC. All of our mats were about 1 inch apart because this yoga class was so packed with people.

During class the girl next to me let out a huge exhale. If you've been to many yoga classes, it was the kind of exhale that was super dramatic and loud. Her breath went right in my face and I knew right then that whatever was in that air of hers was all up in me now, there was nothing I could do about it.

The next morning I woke up with a majorly sore throat and about 2 weeks later finally started to get over all of the awful coughing, stuffiness, and all the other symptoms that come with a cold.

I don't know if the girl that exhaled on me in class actually made me sick that next day but, it is nice to know that there are foods that can help fight off sickness during this season. Here's the list-

Sunflower Seeds
Brazil Nuts
Sweet Potatoes
Shiitake Mushrooms
List found at the Whole Living website here.

I won't have any problem eating lots of sweet potatoes and garlic! I am a believer in food adding to your health and immunity. How do you feel about it?
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