No Grocery Shopping for One Year

Can you imagine your life without buying your food at a grocery store or going out to eat? I can't! I saw this great article and blog today about a family that successfully lived 1 year this way and are on their 2nd year.

I absolutely would love to live this way or close to it! How cool would that be to grow all your own food, have your own chickens (to provide eggs), and maybe even a cow to provide milk??

My husband and I had a small garden this summer (check it out here, here, and here) and got the biggest kick out of eating our own home grown bell peppers. I haven't had to buy bell peppers since about June and I love going in the backyard and picking one right before we eat it.

My dream is to have a bigger garden and be able to grow our own lettuce, green beans, squash, and maybe onions.

I know it would be a ton of work but, I know it is possible because this family did it while working full time.

I bet people 100 years ago would laugh at how novel this idea sounds to us in 2011. Would you ever be interested in this kind of lifestyle?
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