Food Planning

Do you ever get completely starving before your next available meal time? I do and I hate that feeling of being ravenously hungry where I can't really think straight and all I want is some food!!

I do my best to plan ahead and have plenty of health choices available for when I get hungry but sometimes you just aren't prepared. That is when my hunger can get the best of me and I'll give in to a cookie or bowl of ice cream more easily!

My strategy for planning ahead works well though and is something I enjoy doing. Each week, I plan out the menu for the week ahead. For the most part breakfast, snacks, and lunch will be the same everyday which makes things easy! Dinner is different every night. I try my best to plan well enough so that I only go to the grocery store once a week but in reality end up going more pretty often.

I write my "menu" on my phone as meal ideas come to me. It looks a little something like this-

(I know some things are spelled wrong on my little list, please excuse.)

I write out my weekly menu so when I get so hungry that I can't think straight, all I have to do is look at my menu and remember what I had planned. I also shuffle some things around if I don't feel like making what ever I had planned. It is a flexible menu but I have all the supplies to make what is on the list.

I never regret making a healthy/smart meal choice and usually always regret an unhealthy choice so to prevent myself from going into hungry crazy mode, I gotta plan my meals ahead of time.

Another bonus of planning ahead is that I know what food I'll be eating that day. By knowing what i'll be eating prevents me from over eating which we all know is super easy to do, and also can be fun:) but, it's not fun gaining the weight from it:).

This method works best for me! Do you plan out your meals?
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