We're Going to Live in our Airstream!

Big things are brewing around here. Around May 1st Matt and I are leaving our lives in Kansas City and traveling west in our Airstream! Our plan is to travel the beautiful USA in our trailer, camping along the way, seeing lots of National Parks, big cities, and the beauty of the USA. Some questions you may have:

Q: How long are you planning on traveling?
A: Not Sure! It could be 8 months- 1year or maybe more??

Q: Where are you going?
A: We don't have plans set in stone but first we will head west from Kansas City and go to Utah. We hope to spend about 3 weeks exploring the many parks in Utah such as Arches, Canyon Lands, etc. From there we will go to Vegas! Then off to California.

I'm sure you have lots of other questions about this new move of ours but I'm sure in time I'll get around to blogging about all aspects of this life changing/awesome adventure!!!

This seems like the perfect time in our lives to go on a big adventure. I'm so excited to hit the road! This blog will follow all of our adventures so I hope you'll stick around as my blog becomes more about our travels and everything we encounter on the road!

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