Airstream Travel Route

In case you missed it, Matt and I are planning to start a big adventure in the next few weeks! We are planning to live and travel in our Airstream! Here's a tentative route for the first month of travel-
 photo UtahRoute_zpsb5e720dc.png

This past weekend Matt and I traveled to South Dakota to get new drivers licenses! Full time RVers (that will be us soon!) tend to become South Dakota residents for lots of reasons which I'll blog about later but one big one is mail service! Here's me all proud with my new ID in front of Alternative Resources. They are the company that will receive all our mail while we are on the road. They scan it and email it to us then if we need them to actually mail us something they can do that too!
 photo photo_zps4880d1c9.jpeg

We went to the driver's license office around 7am so my ID photo is a lovely sleepy picture with my eyes half shut. I can't wait to hit the road soon!!!

If you have any travel tips you want to share please do! Is there something we NEED to see? Hidden gems? We want to know! (We are starting out in Utah, driving from there to Vegas, then on to California).

Helene in Between
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