Back From Texas

I'm back from Texas! Matt and I went down last Thursday night and returned Monday. While we were home we got to see our families! We also ate crawfish, shrimp, Mexican food, and I ate my favorite cake in the world (black and white cake).
 photo photo4-4_zps4d09dbd6.jpg
MMM Shrimp
 photo photo1-5_zpsceea9a94.jpg
Yay for warm weather!
We had a great time seeing our families of course and I hope they'll come visit us out on the road!

We also got a new truck while we were home. It's a Texas Edition Tundra so we can represent Texas on our travels across America!
 photo photo3-5_zpsfe26b954.jpg
I left my Honda Civic at home this past weekend since we won't need it on our travels. So, Matt and I are a one car family! He drove me to work and took me to 2 Dr. appointments today! I felt like a little old couple traveling around town together all day especially when he took me to the doc visits.

I'm about to make some changes to the blog to be a little more travel blog friendly so get excited for that!

I hope your Monday was a good one!
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