No Makeup for 2 weeks

Did you notice the difference in my blog header today? I'm transitioning my blog from a blog just about me to a blog about our life (Matt and I) in the Airstream! Our Airstream is a 1976 Land Yacht so, we call it our Luxe Land Yacht because we think it's pretty luxurious. So now if you go to my blog will come up!

I went to the Dermatologist yesterday because my skin is all messed up and she told me to stop using every product I'm currently using and that includes make-up. So I'm on a strict regimen for my face for the next 2 weeks and I'm not suppose to wear makeup. Look out world! (When I say my face is all messed up I mean it's super irritated, red and dry...ew so, I need to get it back to healthy).

I'm also still doing the 5:2 diet (2 weeks in yeah!). I ate 500 calories yesterday (Tuesday) and will eat normally today. So far, the first day of eating 500 cals was the hardest! The second day I did it I ate later in the day and it wasn't as hard. Yesterday I ate in the middle of the day and was really busy all day so it was easy. I also ate a ton of food over the weekend I realized that I needed a break from food. Also I noticed that I wanted to eat out of habit a few times yesterday but when I really thought about it, I wasn't actually hungry.

I hope you have a great Wednesday! 

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