Random Wednesday

It's a lovely rainy day here. I like rainy days because they seem more laid back and like you have a pass to dress a little more comfortable.

Last night I was on the internet looking up possible reasons why my face has been so red lately. Self diagnosis is never a good idea y'all! I ended up just making a Dermatologist appointment this morning so they can tell me what's actually wrong with my face.

Speaking of making Dr. appointments, I feel so grown up today because I had to call the insurance company and the Dr. office. I'm usually super apprehensive to deal with insurance and Dr.s but today's experience was not bad!

Since we are about to leave our house to travel, I've begun purging and packing up everything. That means I have only the basics in my kitchen so I've started buying a lot more frozen meals from Trader Joe's. It's so easy to just turn on the oven, cook a frozen lasagna or whatever then eat! I enjoy cooking but I love how easy it is to buy frozen food.

Remember me talking about the 5:2 diet on Monday? Well, today is a fast day for me! I'm trying it different today. Monday I had breakfast and dinner. Honestly I was super hungry all day after eating my 300 calorie breakfast. So, today I'm waiting to eat until this afternoon. I haven't really felt hungry yet (It's about 11:30 am) so I'll wait until I do to eat.

Matt and I have started playing tennis at a park up the street from our house. It's so fun! We haven't been very good players in the past but we're trying to improve our game.

Have a lovely Wednesday!

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