Riff Ram Bah Zoo!

That strange title is a TCU cheer in case you were wondering. What a great weekend! Matt and I went to Lawrence KS, about 45 minutes from our house, to go to the TCU VS. KU game on Saturday!!
Go Frogs

I was so proud of all the TCU fans for showing up in their boots and hats and of course for our fantastic team for winning the game!
Double Go Frogs

I love that Gary Patterson is still the coach of the Horned Frogs, just like when I was still a student.

Another highlight of the game was seeing our Chancellor at the game! Victor Boschini walked by me at the game and I got so excited! I said, Hi Chancellor! He said Hi back.

It was weird being the visiting team. Matt and I got booed walking from our car to the stadium and I loved talking trash to the booers! Usually I said, hey it's fine, you know we're going to win. Pretty awesome stuff.

During the game it was hilarious when the KU fans were getting mad at their football team for loosing and they started yelling at the TCU fans for having a frog as a mascot. I was like, hey your mascot looks like a parrot! I didn't say that too loud though because there was no need, we won and that's what matters.

Besides a perfect Saturday of football and fall weather, Matt and I worked on our Airstream as usual. The house next door to us is for sale and had an open house on Sunday. We tried to be cool so that a cool young couple would want to move in next door to us!

Have a fantastic day! I hope you had a great weekend!
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