Random Happenings

Yall, I'm so proud of myself, this week I've gotten out of bed at 7am and gone for a walk. I've been saying I would do this for the past 2 weeks and finally on Monday I did it.

While walking around the neighborhood, I say "hi" and "good morning" to lots of people which is fun. The temps are in the high 50's low 60's this week in the mornings which is really nice.

Yesterday for Matt and my anniversary we had a picnic in our Airstream and then made cookies, it was sweet:)

Two nights ago there was a huge cricket in our living room, guess who had to catch it? Me! Matt wanted me to step on in but crickets are too big to step on, ew so I caught it and screamed the whole time I was running to the front door to throw it outside.

Lastly, I tried to make my own pumpkin spice latte the other morning and it was a fail. It sort of tasted like pumpkin but there was nothing good about it. Later that day I went to Starbucks to leave the pumpkin spice latte making to the pros.

I hope you have a lovely Wednesday!

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