Always. Sometimes. Never.

Linking up with some fun/funny bloggers today for Always Sometimes Never!!

I always struggle to get the heck out of bed in the morning which causes me to spend very little time on getting myself ready for the day.

Sometimes I wear my headband like a hippie, I think it's fun.

I'm not trying to look mad here
When I do wear a headband of this caliber there is never a person that can walk by me without commenting on this biznass.

I always want to eat chocolate ice cream after dinner but, I also don't want to get fat. So, sometimes I try to find good alternatives to ice cream that won't make me fat but really I've never found something that was as good as icecream itself. Until this week!! I tried an ice cream recipe using coconut milk instead of milk and it's pretty darn good, I'll tell you more about it later.

Lastly, I found these babies at Sam's yesterday!

They look just like the Reese's Easter Eggs I love so much, now I can eat Reese's Footballs until the Reese's eggs come back out in the spring!

Happy Thursday to you!
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