My First Pro Football Game

First off, GO FROGS!! Way to win on Saturday! Can't wait to go to next week's game!

This weekend, I got to go to my first NFL game! It was very American and I loved it!

 My husband and I went with some of his work people to the Chiefs vs. Atlanta game. There was a flyover, lots of wild fans, and the weather was perfect fall warm but cool breeze.

I think the game was very America for several reasons-
The air smelled like grilled food and beer
Many people in the stands were overweight and enjoying lots of beer and french fries
I saw a couple people with mullets
Even though the game was at noon, people were eating at drinking burgers and beer by 10am
I'm not making fun of these things, I just love that it cracks me up when I see them happening. Also, watching the cheerleaders makes me want to be one really bad, it looks so fun.

Besides football, I've been getting back into yoga which I love. I rented a bunch of DVDs from the library. Every time I start back to doing yoga I always feel so good and wonder why I ever took a break in the first place.

Another thing I've been talking about a lot is Paleo and I picked up a few more books to learn some new recipes. I've been eating Paleo for about a week now and I feel firmer and stronger already. Maybe it's just mental but I'm a fan so far. This weekend I ate regular ice cream and had a coke at the  game so I wasn't a die hard all week.


A Delish Shredded Chicken Recipe I made in the Crock Pot Sunday Night
We had some pretty awesome weather this weekend that definitely felt like fall! Woohoo!

My husband baked chocolate chip cookies on Friday! Poor guy was tired of me trying new weird Paleo recipes on him and wanted an old favorite without any healthy updates.

Hopefully you had a good weekend where ever you are! Thanks for stopping by today!

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