One Step Forward and One Step Back

Monday morning was one of the most productive mornings of my life. I got up, exercised, made breakfast and packed lunches for Matt and myself, hemmed a pair of new pants I wanted to wear that day and made it to work on time! My productive morning turned into a productive day and I was on a roll!

Tuesday morning I was super tired from my extremely productive Monday. All I could do was get up, get ready for work and make pack our lunches like usual.

At lunch time on Tuesday I got this picture from Matt-

Looks like I was more tired than I thought! All I put on his sandwich was a piece of cheese... I was sitting at my desk laughing so hard at what I'd done. I mean isn't that the saddest little sandwich you ever saw?

Look what we did in the Airstream last night!

That's right, we mounted the TV! We do all the most important projects first as you can see. Now as we work in the Airstream we can watch TV, how fun does that sound!?

As we were finishing up our work last night we saw a huge nasty rat like animal also known as an Opossum walking along the fence line. Then he sat on top of the neighbors shed and watched us like he was waiting for us to go inside so he could come check out that TV himself inside the Airstream.

We tried to scare him off but he was totally not bothered one bit so, we sprayed him with the water hose and he scampered away.

I hope you have a great Wednesday!
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