Airstream Interior!

So, I didn't post Friday or Monday and because of that, I got an awesome comment from Katherine Ebling- "I have checked for a new blog post three times today in between writing papers about teenage pregnancy and tree houses for seminary. Just know that your blog is a source of hope and distraction....also, keep em' coming." This post is for you girrrl!

Check out the inside of our Airstream! We got the walls back in and primed! And we are ready to add the TV!

This is where the TV will go!


I may be high on paint fumes or just basking in the work I have done

Doing some yoga, a little side pigeon
In other news, I got these super cute pants!! I love how sailory they look, the buttons are just presh.
For dinner I made roasted asparagus and stuffed flounder, so good!

Lastly, Matt and I went to Lowes to pick out paint for the interior of our Airstream. We individually searched paint samples, and picked our favorites out of those choices. When we got home we realized we picked colors that are super similar to the colors already on our walls at home, we just know what we like.

I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!!

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