Water for Elephants, By Sara Gruen- A Book Review

My Rating- 4 stars

Water for Elephants is an entertaining and unique love story about the lives of the people in a traveling circus in the 1930's.

The story is centered around a young veterinarian, Jacob, who happened to stumble upon a job with the Benzini Brother's Circus and decided to run away with the circus after the tragic death of his parents. The novel bounces between Jacob as a 93 year old man and his time with the traveling circus.

The author uses real scenarios throughout the book that happened in the traveling circuses of the early 1900's (some of the things they did to draw a crowd are mind blowing!). The entire circus crew traveled together on a train across the U.S., set up the big top, and did there show week after week.

I definitely enjoyed this heartwarming love story. I found myself cheering for Jacob in his every endeavor throughout the book.

Water for Elephants will ultimately remind you that "old people" were once young too and have a story to tell!

There is a movie coming out based on this book and I am excited to see it. I think this book will make a really good movie!
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