Winter Wonderland!

Yesterday it snowed about 6 inches here in Kansas City! Being from Texas, I am not used to living somewhere with all of this beautiful snow! (We'll see how long the enthusiasm lasts)

Not only am I not used to seeing this much snow, I have NEVER driven in the snow! Today was my day to venture out in my front wheel drive Honda and give it a whirl! I'm glad to say my drive was successful, I did not even spin my tires once! There were several cars that still sped around me despite the snow, I guess they are more experienced snow drivers. I however have no problem driving niiiice and slow in the snow, even if it does bother more experienced drivers:) 

Last night my husband and I wanted to go sledding. We heard that there was an awesome hill behind Lowes so we went to check it out. It was the funniest sight I've seen in a while. Picture a regular Lowes Home Improvement store with a hill next to the parking lot with about 75 people (adults and kids) barreling down this steep hill on every type of sled, laundry basket, some were even snow boarding!

Currently it is 8 degrees outside and tonight's low is expected to reach -6 degrees. Ridiculous!

FYI: There is a pool under that blanket of snow!
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