Something to Try This Weekend!

Here is a helpful tip to carry you into your weekend! Have you heard of Greek Yogurt yet? It is getting pretty popular and is very exciting because it is a super healthy food (lots of protein, low calorie, Zero fat)!

Personally, I think plain Greek Yogurt tastes nothing like regular yogurt but instead it tastes exactly like sour cream. (And who among us doesn't love sour cream?)

This weekend use Greek yogurt as a sour cream substitute and you will see for yourself that it tastes exactly the same! I love to put a dollop of Greek Yogurt on a baked potato for lunch and there is lots of great flavor with ZERO guilt.

I have tried a blueberry flavored Greek Yogurt and tried my best to like it but I just don't. However, I was so glad to discover that there is a great use for such a healthy food.

Here are the nutrition facts for Yoplait Plain Greek Yogurt-

Here are the nutrition facts for sour cream-

Soooo, after comparing those two, I say, give yourself an extra dollop of Greek yogurt on whatever you would usually put sour cream on because it will only be good for your body and taste like exactly like sour cream.

Just think of all the possibilities- you can make spinach dip, sour cream and onion dip, sour cream frosting, cheese cake, and who knows what else with Greek Yogurt instead of sour cream and make it waaayyyy more healthy.

Happy weekend!
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