The Forgotten Garden, By Kate Morton- A Book Review

My Rating- 5 Stars

While reading The Forgotten Garden, I got so into it that I sad when I finished the book. This long novel held mysterious twists and turns on every page! There was not a single lull or boring section in the story. If you are looking for an enchanting mystery, this book is for you.

The book starts in 1913 with a 4-year-old girl mysteriously ending up on a ship from England to Australia by herself. When she arrives in Australia, she seems to have no memory of who she is and is adopted by two loving parents. On her 21st birthday, her father tells her the truth about her origins. To complicate matters more, the father has very limited information for his daughter, making her quest to find out where she came from extremely difficult.

With her new-found knowledge, the girl, Nell, begins to unravel her story with the help of many along the way, discovering secrets that span the generations of her family.

The author unravels the story at a steady pace, luring the reader further into the twisted tale of the Montrachet family. This is a very satisfying novel and all loose ends are tied up in the end, which I really love. There are hints throughout the novel of the end discovery but so many twists and turns in the plot will leave you changing your mind the entire story.
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