Remarkable Creatures, By: Tracy Chevalier- A Book Review

My rating- 4 stars

Since the weather here is hovering around 10 degrees this week, reading and staying warm have been my activity of choice! This week I read Remarkable Creatures and really enjoyed it.

This story takes place in Lyme, on the English coast in the early 1800's. Three spinster sisters are sent to live in a cottage by the ocean by their family and each sister takes up her own hobby. The story mainly focuses on Elizabeth who takes on fossil hunting and collecting. Elizabeth meets a strange girl, Mary, who is famous in Lyme for being struck by lightening as a baby and surviving.

Mary and Elizabeth develop a bond over their love for fossils. Eventually their similar interests drive them apart due to jealousy, class issues and men.

This book brings up issues early fossil hunters faced. People started to question how old the world really was, why there were dead creatures in the ground that no longer walked the earth as far as they knew and how God was related to all of their questions. Had God wiped out these mysterious monsters in Noah's flood? If he created them then why did he destroy them?

Remarkable Creatures covers a very unique and interesting topic through the lens of a novel. I recommend this book!
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