On Folly Beach, By Karen White- A Book Review

My Rating- 5 stars

What a great novel! On Folly Beach has everything- a great story line, mystery, scandal, romance, and you learn a piece of little know history.

Emmy, a young woman who's husband is killed in Afghanistan, moves to Folly Beach, South Carolina to start her life over after she realizes that the life she had planned wasn't going to happen, and a little encouragement from her mother.

It is hard for Emmy to let her husband go after his death. Each day is a struggle but one thing gives her a reason to keep going, a mystery from WWII. Emmy discovers love letters written in the margins of some recently purchased books.

The family that Emmy got the books from are locals of Folly Beach and have been around for generations. The family never noticed the mysterious love letters in the books and Emmy was eager to solicit their help in figuring out what it all meant hoping that with their help, she will be able to put the pieces of a long forgotten past back together.

One person knows the whole story; Lulu, and she has worked her whole life to make sure the secret never gets out. Lulu is in her 70's and was only 9 years old when the intriguing but forgotten mystery was unfolding. Lulu was able to keep buried secrets about her sister Maggie, her cousin Cat, and their love interests for 60 years with few questions from the family. Emmy, an outsider, is asking more questions than Lulu really appreciates.

This novel is great and I could hardly put it down! You will get an added bonus of learning what things were like for the people on Folly Beach during WWII and a little know fact about something that happened on Folly Beach during the war.
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