Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet, By Jamie Ford- A Book Review

My Rating- 5 stars

Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet

I loved this truly heart warming novel about two kids forbidden to be friends because of their ancestry differences.

Henry's parents are Chinese and Keiko is second generation Japanese. Both kids are American citizens though. The hatred towards people of Japanese ancestry during WWII made it difficult for Henry and Keiko to be friends and many people, Henry's father especially, tried to stand between them. 

When Keiko and her family are sent to the Japanese internment camp Henry makes a promise to wait for his friend no matter how long the war lasted.

This story reminds us all of the irrational behaviors that war can cause. Innocent American Citizens of Japanese ancestry were wrongly sent to prison camps for years during the war. It also reminds us how damaging racism is and how alive it was not so long ago.

This novel is a great story about love, devotion, and living life. You will be glad you read this one!
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