World Without End- Ken Follett

I just finished my third Ken Follett book, "World Without End".

Every time I finish one of his books, I feel a little sad that it's over. His books are so long (1,000 pages!) that you become kind of attached to the story and characters. This sounds weird I know but, last week, I got real life and what was happening in the book a little mixed up I was so into it! The book addresses The Plague and one of the symptoms was nose bleeds. Somebody told me about a real life person having a nose bleed and my first thought was, maybe it's The Plague. I quickly remembered that was from the book though and it was pretty funny, but, again strange that I would get so caught up in the book!

"World Without End" is the sequel to "Pillars of the Earth". The novel cover the 1300's in Kingsbridge. In typical Ken Follett fashion, he introduces several characters at the beginning of the book. As the story continues, the characters begin to interact and become woven together in the overall story.

The main themes of this book are The Plague and how people dealt with it, The Priory and all of the politics involved with it, and of course love stories amongst the characters.

Follett does such a great job of bringing the time period to life and I really enjoyed this book. I felt all kinds of emotions while reading this book from anger to happiness. In the end, Follett does not leave you hanging and all of the mysteries woven throughout the novel will be revealed.

I highly recommend this book and I'm glad I've discovered this author!

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