Me Time

I had the past two nights all to myself because my hubby was out of town for work. It is strangely fun to have an empty house to go home to every now and then.

When Matt goes out of town I immediately plan my dinners with food that I like but he doesn't, get a movie or dvd of TV shows i've been wanting to watch and set up skype dates with my friends.

It's not that I can't do those things when he's home, it's just that I have only me to think about when he's away and like I said, it's kind of fun every now and then!

Monday night, I attempted to make Tofu Tika Masala, it was a fail. I was sooo hungry and didn't follow the directions. I just assumed all the ingredients went in the sauce pan at the same time but, the yogurt didn't enjoy being cooked so it didn't turn out very good. After that, I went for a long run/walk around the neighborhood, tried out the new paint color on the side of our house, then worked on a sewing project I'll show you later!

Tuesday, I make cilantro lime rice with tofu, that was delish. See, Matt would never willingly eat tofu, but, I really like it for some reason so, I try to make it when he's gone:)

Next up I skyped with some college roomies, watched an episode of "The Tudors" while finishing my sewing project. then did a workout video. Then, I watched the movie "Coco Before Chanel". When I realized this movie was in French, I almost turned it off but then got used to the subtitles and enjoyed the movie. Coco was miss attitude that's for sure.

I'm glad my husband doesn't have to be gone long when he goes on work trips but I appreciate a couple of nights to craft, eat tofu, and watch movies without anyyyyone else around. 

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