What a fantastic and long feeling weekend.

I love it when the weekend doesn't seem like it just flew by- I've found the best way to help the weekend feel longer is to not sleep in too late:). Even just a year ago I would have thought that was a horrible thing to say because sleeping is was the best in my opinion but now, I'd kind of rather get up and do things! (I'm not really that hardcore, I got up at 8:45 on Saturday and 9 on Sunday. Sleeping in used to mean sleeping until after 10:30 at least).

Anyway, Matt and I enjoyed the fantastic 75 degree spring weather this weekend by being outside a lot. We worked on the Airstream and in the yard. I took off all of the emblems and letters from the Airstream to refurbish them!

And, we now have all of the side windows redone! Woohoo! Now we have to re-do the front, back, and all of the small vista-view windows, progress.

We also went to a neighborhood fire pit on Saturday night. We showed up at 7:30 and didn't go home until about midnight. It was so fun to meet a bunch of neighbors we hadn't met yet and just sit in our lawn chairs around a fire pit in one of our neighbors front yards. Everybody in the circle had kids except for us and all had their video baby monitors in their cup holder so they could be outside while their little kids slept. I found this kind of hilarious (all of the parents could see their house from their chair so don't worry, they weren't neglecting their kids). A few people had to run into their house if they saw their kid get up or something on the monitor.

Apparently the people on our street like to have these fire pit sessions pretty often so, I am excited to go back!

I baked a cake this weekend and while it was cooling Matt kept eating one half before I could frost it. He convinced me that he wanted to eat the cake unfrosted which is crazy but,  I let him have half unfrosted and I ate the other half with frosting.

We also bought paint to paint the outside of our house! We have a photo from a magazine that we love and thought, we should paint while the weather is pleasant instead of waiting until it gets hot in the summer. So, next weekend we are thinking we will paint! I'm excited to try out the color tonight on the back of the house to make sure we like it.

That pretty much wraps up our weekend, here's to a fantastic week ahead!

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