When I Workout

When I workout, I have to get creative to keep myself motivated. The other day I was running and I was only half way through my workout. I started to dread the other half and wanted to just walk. To keep me moving I would say in my mind, Doritos, chocolate chip cookie, coke. As I thought of these foods (which I had eaten earlier in the day) I got mad at them for being so irresistible but also having more calories in them than I needed. I took out my revenge on them by working them off!
I mostly always follow along with a workout app on my phone or a workout video so that I know what to do, for how long, and how hard.
When I hit a wall and feel like quitting during my workout I have to start thinking of things that motivate me. As much as I like healthy foods, I also love a lot of unhealthy things too. I don’t really deny myself food that I crave, I just try to fit it into my calorie budget for the day (yes I’m a calorie counter during the week!) and sometimes in order to fit food in my budget, I have to work it off with exercise!
P.S. Did you know that Vlasic dill pickles are fat free and calorie free? I got a huge jar at Costco and eat one for a snack everyday, delish!
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