Please let it Snow

There are rumors of snow late tonight and I'm hoping that will bring a snowday for Monday!

That is ice in the rain gauge, so it's definitely cold enough.

This weekend I went through a bag in the basement that I had forgotten about. Before Matt and I moved, my grandmother gave me a bag of some things she had embroidered and I found these His & Hers pillow cases that she made!

Here is a picture of my grandparents. Aren't they glam?

Lastly, Matt and I celebrated Valentine's day already since it is on a weeknight this year. I made him this card out of wood-

Cute yet manly:)

He got me an awesome bag of candy and a card with a cat on it!! He knows how to please me:)

Here is a picture of Matt working on the Airstream window! This is the 5th window we've refurbished.

A bonus this weekend was that Downton Abbey was 2 hours! What a great surprise!

Happy Monday and hopefully it will snow!!!! (Alot!)

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