Chocolate Pie Y'all

Just look at those pictures. This pie looks chocolatey, rich, delicious, and really bad for you right??

Well you'd be right if you thought it looked chocolatey, rich, and delicious but bad for you? The answer is no, it is only 143 calories a slice. How freaking great is that??

This amazing blogger Katie, has a blog where she makes delicious deserts that are low in calories and fat by replacing the bad stuff with healthy things.

This chocolate pie tastes nothing but good. The reason it's only 143 calories a slice (the above pic is the size of a slice, there are about 8 slices per pie, so they are crazy small) is because there is no added sugar, no butter, no eggs.... What in the world is in this pie?? The answer is- cocoa powder, melted semi-sweet chocolate, and tofu. There are a few other ingredients such as salt and vanilla but that's how you get a rich silky chocolatey pie without a ton of bad for you ingredients.

AMAZING if you ask me. I will NEVER tell my husband that it has tofu in it because he thinks tofu is the devil, however, he loooves this pie. It's that good. He never suspects there is anything up with it.

For the recipe go here and you will be sooooo glad you did!

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