We Bought an Airstream!

Our something BIG is a beautiful 31 foot 1976 Airstream Sovereign!

Matt and I are so excited about our Airstream! The plan is to gut it and renovate it to fit our style!

We have been wanting a big project to work on since about September of 2010. A lot of things came to mind that we could work on. As we spent many cold winter nights in front of our computers, we stumbled across the world of Airstreams and our dream to own one and pimp it out was born!

We have been scouring Craigslist and Ebay for a few months looking for our Airstream and about 2 weeks ago, found just the right one! We had a list of criteria and this one fit everything we were looking for-

Center Bath/rear bedroom
Good bones (no major dents or issues with the frame that we couldn't fix)
31 footer ideally made in the 1970's
Working A/C was a plus
No broken Windows
A working fridge was a plus
3 awnings still in good shape was a major plus
well cared for by the previous owners
and the price was right!

We traveled to Carlock, Illinois to pick her up this weekend and enjoyed camping at Sangchris Lake State Park on Saturday night.

We towed her home nice and slow on Sunday with no issues, thank the Lord.

If you are interested in the renovation process we are going to launch a blog all about our Airstream renovation soon. I'll post the link once we have it up and running!

We have already experienced the excitement that surrounds the Airstream community! People that own an Airstream are so proud and excited about their rig. At the state park, we met another guy that had purchased his 1975 Airstream 2 months ago. We showed him around our rig and he showed us his. We were so excited to compare Airstreams and get ideas from one another.

On the journey home on Sunday, we drove by 3 other Airstreams on the highway. Each one waved and flashed their lights at us to show us some Airstream love.

Matt and I keep saying to each other, I can't believe we actually did it! We talked for months about wanting an Airstream, have been in several, and had even started planning how we would re-do ours.

It feels really good to follow through with our dream plans and make them a reality.
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