Bitten by The House Hunting Bug!

Matt and I are currently renting and if you asked us a month ago if we were interested in buying a house we would have said, no way! Renting is where it's at!

Somehow we started house hunting and now we are so into it and want to buy an awesome little fixer upper to call our own.

It feels like we have been consumed by searching, getting excited about a house, and then finding out it is under contract. Oh it is a roller coaster! I have complete faith though that God will make it clear for us which house is ours and will help make everything happen that needs to.

Our strategy is to find a house that needs work and that is undervalued in its particular neighborhood. We want something small, in a great neighborhood, and a fireplace would be nice! We have found a few houses that are major dumps as in, moldy walls, and in complete disrepair. We just want to be sure we find the right little gem to make our own. What a big decision!

At the end of each day after we have looked at homes and searched Zillow for any new postings we like to watch Sweat Equity on DIY for a little inspiration!

Home searching is exciting but is definitely consuming our lives right now!
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