Taco Ring and Cheerio Treats!

Do you ever get a craving for the food you ate as a kid? Yesterday I couldn’t get the Pampered Chef Taco Ring my mom used to make out of my head! After thinking about the taco ring, another treat she used to make often for my brother and I came to mind, cheerio treats. I decided to solve the problem and make both items for dinner.
I used my baking stone to make the Taco Ring, you can find the recipe here (I cut the recipe in half). I would show you a picture of the one I made but, Matt and I were so hungry that we ate it all before I could take a picture.

When I was a kid, I used to cover my taco ring in sour cream. Now I use Greek Yogurt instead because it totally tastes the same and is way healthier for you! I also added some salsa on top, so good!
Now for the cheerio treats, I bought a box of Joe’s O’s at Trader Joe’s (Trader Joe's version of Cheerios) for Matt’s breakfast but he didn’t like them so I used a lot of them to make the Cheerio Treats, I guess I should call them, Joe’s O’s Treats. These turned out not so pretty…

However, they taste awesome and I can’t get enough. Here is how I made them-
½ cup of peanut butter
½ cup of marshmallows
2 ½ cups of Joe’s O’s
Handful of chocolate chips
I melted the peanut butter and marshmallows together on the stovetop which turned into a big gooey ball. I kept going and tried to stir in the cheerios but it totally didn’t work out. It is suppose to be like Rice Krispy Treats but as you can see it is more like a few blobs of pb marshmallow with cheerios and chocolate. But, like I said, it tastes great. I wouldn’t recommend copying the above recipe. If I make them successfully I’ll post a successful recipe.
What are some of your favorite things to eat and remember your childhood?
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