Corrie Ten Boom

I recently blogged about Corrie Ten Boom and her awesome book, "The Hiding Place". Check out the
post here.

I read another one of her books last week that was also great called, "In My Father's House".

Corrie Ten Boom is one of my favorite people I have never met! She is so faithful, wise, and full of life.

"In My Father's House" is about her life leading up to WWII and a little bit about her life after the war. Corrie and her family were taken to Nazi prison camps during WWII for hiding Jews in their home.

Corrie says in the book that life doesn't spring to life at 50 (when she was sent to the prison camp) and she wanted to tell people about what shaped her before that experience so she wrote "In My Father's House".

As I read, "The Hiding Place", I was constantly in awe of Corrie and her family's strength and faith despite their horrifying conditions in the prison camp.

Corrie Ten Boom was from Holland and grew up with 2 sisters and one brother. Her father was a watchmaker and later taught Corrie the trade too.

Corrie started many girl's clubs in Holland to help teenage girls to have a place to hang out together and to learn about God. Each club centered around a specific interest but each time the girl's met, they had a short bible lesson. Corrie was fearless when it came to telling people about Jesus. She wanted to tell every one of her girls about him while she had the chance and thought it a waste if she didn't.

Corrie had a great attitude about life and knew how to love everyone and have a good time.

I am so inspired when I read her books because she shows me the type of person that I want to be.

Corrie's stories are entertaining and inspiring. Do yourself a favor and read her books!
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