Story Time

One time, my friends Tracey, Dawn and I accidentally took the stairs up the Eiffel Tower!

It was quite a climb and is really funny when we look back on it.

A couple of years ago we got to spend about 24 hours in Paris on our way home from Africa (we went to The Africa Mercy, which is the ship we supported as recruiters for Mercy Ships).

We wanted to make the most of our 24 hours because Paris is amazing and beautiful!

About an hour before the tower closed we arrived and were eager to ride the elevator up! There were a lot of people in line and the other two people we were with said, look that line over there is shorter! We were like, heck yes, we will go to that line. Another bonus when we arrived at the other line was that it cost less on that side of the tower than in the line we were first in. We paid and walked through looking for the elevator.

We quickly realized the reason it was cheaper and lineless. We decided we could handle the stairs and we did but it was not easy!

Once we made it though, it was of course worth it!

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