Ray Lamontagne & Brandi Carlile Concert

Last night I got to go to an awesome concert with one of my college roomies! I love how we can get together after not seeing each other for several months and it is like no time has really passed. It is great to have friends that are comfortable to hang out with.

We had a great night enjoying awesome music from "The Secret Sisters", Brandi Carlile and Ray Lamontagne.

The theater we went to was outside, the weather was perfect, the stars were shining and there were fire flies!

All three acts had incredible vocals. Everyone's voice was so pure and powerful!

What I didn't really know about Brandi and Ray is that they are heavily influenced by classic country artists like Tammy Wynette, Merle Haggard and Johnny Cash. Maybe that is why I have always liked them so much! I love good old country music. It just gets right to your soul.

Brandi was funny and really engaged the audience.

Ray didn't say much but his voice is just so unique and beautiful!

The Secret Sisters were really good, they have a very classic country sound and I'm so glad I got to hear them last night! They joined Brandi and Ray for a few songs throughout the night. If you like country music or people with great voices you should check out The Secret Sisters (they are 2 sisters from Alabama and play the guitar).
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