So now for a little more about our trip to New England. Our itinerary looked like this,
Saturday- Fly into Boston, eat dinner
Sunday- See USS Constitution, Drive to Killington, VT
Monday- Ski
Tuesday- Ski
Wednesday- Ski
Thursday- Drive up Route 100 toward Waterbury. End with a tour of the Ben and Jerry's factory! Drive to the Windy Hill B&B in Jackson, New Hampshire.
Friday- Drive to Portland, Maine and explore the coast.
Saturday- Explore the Freedom Trail, visit Harvard, Fly home

It was a GREAT week filled with new sights! Neither of us had been to New England before so we were excited to see the sights. The drive from Vermont to New Hampshire was really beautiful.

We also ate some good food! In Maine I ate some clam chowder and fried shrimp.

And in Boston I had a Lobster Roll! Or as I would call it, a Lobster Po Boy.

It was fun to tour Ben and Jerry's ice cream factory because I loooove Ben and Jerry's. They also gave us a sample. Sadly, when the machine fills the pints with ice cream and then puts the lid on, the machine sometimes spills the pint over. When that happens, a worker just throws all that ice cream away, I would have gladly eaten it.

We stayed at a Bed and Breakfast one night and it was really fun. I've always wanted to stay at a B&B and this was the perfect little spot.

I look forward to going back to New England again some day! I would recommend a trip like this to anyone who is interested in history, loves nature (it is beautiful up there with lots of state and national parks) or likes to eat.
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