A Secret Kept- By Tatiana De Rosnay

My Rating- 4 stars

A Secret Kept is set in France, mostly Paris sometime in this decade. The story is about a brother and sister in adulthood that go back to a childhood vacation spot for a long weekend. They are surprised to have a lot of forgotten memories pop up. In the months following their trip, the siblings piece together a puzzle that they never thought to question until now.

As young children, Antoine and Melanie Rey's mother dies leaving them grief stricken. The siblings accept the story they are told about their mothers death and don't give the event much thought until decades later when their return to their childhood vacation spot triggers a curiosity in them to figure out who their mother was and learn the details of her death.

I enjoyed this book and really liked that it was set in France. There was a nice mixture of mystery, romance and plenty of surprises to keep you turning the page.
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