The Distant Hours- A Book Review

My Rating- 4 stars

The Distant Hours, By Kate Morton, is a great, eerie and intriguing novel! From the very beginning, this book lured me in and I could not wait to read what the next big secret would be.

The Distant Hours bounces back and forth in time between WWII and the early nineties. The characters in this novel are mainly three mysterious sisters who have lived in their family's castle all of their lives. During WWII a young girl named Meredith moves in with them for about a year as an evacuee from London.

Fifty years later, Meredith has lost touch with the sisters and receives a letter that was lost in the mail for the past 50 years from one of the sisters of the castle. Meredith's daughter, Edie, is intrigued and takes it upon herself to learn more about who her mother was 50 years before and what went on when her mom was a resident of the castle.

Figuring things out are not easy though because Meredith and Edie do not have a very close relationship. Years of suppressing who Meredith truly is has caused her to come across as a snobbish and cold to her daughter and others in her family.

The long lost letter that Meredith received starts Edie down a road of figuring out why her mother is the way she is now.

The author paints such a vivid picture of the old castle, the old sisters and does a great job of laying out secrets and then slowly unraveling them until the very end of the story.

Compared to Kate Morton's other two novels, The Forgotten Garden and The House at Riverton, this book is not quite as good. It seems like there is not as much going on in The Distant Hours as there is in the other two books. I still really liked it though and can't wait for her to come out with another book!
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